Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Walk in Hyde Park

All day yesterday I was thinking about how long this week had seemed; of course I was also convinced that it was Wednesday all day. While looking for a nice "Thursday" activity, (which would have actually been Friday) I found that Hyde park offered a Winter Walk on the 14th, (which I thought was actually Thursday, still with me?) so I booked it. This wouldn't have been a problem except that I had a desperately needed face waxing appointment scheduled for Friday. After all was said and done, I ended up being able to do both! (Waxing post is next). 

The Walk was lovely, and would have been much more lovely, and included better pictures had it not been raining and windy cold.

This is the place the group met called the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, right on the Serpentine Pond. I got some pastries and a smoothie there, not gunna lie, super delicious. Check out the Weeping Willow that looks like it's going to eat the restaurant.
This is the dam that was built to create the pond. Those rectangles on the ground are periodically taken out and all the crap (footballs, umbrellas, handbags) are cleaned out.
I am actually very proud of this picture because I took it with one hand while walking. I guess a lot of people paddle boat out here during the summer. But you are only allowed to swim in there if you are a member of the Serpentine Swim Club. Unless, of course, you're participating in the triathlon in the summer Olympics of 2012.
This area is a memorial/bird sanctuary built with low hedges, lots of vines in trees and bird feeders to help protect the natural wildlife in Hyde Park. Luckily we saw a wonderful green parakeet eating a snack.
And for my favorite, this lovely sign was posted all over the pond. I wonder how often this incidence had to occur until they found it necessary to put up at least 10 of these signs. (Editor's note: After posting this, I learned that bathing is just recreational swimming, as in "Bathing Suit." Duh.)
I am positive I will have many more opportunities to visit Hyde Park, hopefully opportunities that don't include rain and cold.


  1. I've heard of Hyde Park... Are there any spectacular moments or visitors that made it so popular. What would you say is the best highlight from your walk?

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WALKS ! I'm coming to see you!