Monday, January 10, 2011

Lovely London Bookstores

Today was a book store day. My mum sent me an article about cooking and cookery books in London. I wrote down a few of the ones that were close to me and took off. But not before I baked and delivered banana bread to Eric's office.

The first place I went to was on a charming street with some very interesting shops. Persephone Books is a book store that publishes all their own books. There were about 5 ladies working in the tiny shop. Each one was printing, wrapping, sorting and of course gossiping.

Each book that was printed at the shop looks the same on the cover (besides the title), but on the inside of each, is a unique design.
Unique design inside cover.
Matching Bookmark
Check out these recipes. This is my totally British cookery book (another funny new English word) called "Good Things in England" by Florance White. This book was originally published in 1932.

Another noteworthy book shop was The London Review Bookshop. This place was probably no bigger than 800 sq. ft. but the books were crammed in wherever they would fit. There were shelves and tables full of books all lined up and stacked upon each other. There was also a lovely but very tiny coffee shop attached.

Somewhere I did not go today, but I heard was a delicious little place (to try with Eric) located in Hyde Park: The Cookbook Cafe. No, it's not a book shop, but there are recipes in the table - date night, love?


  1. Molly's big question about persephone's: do the books have bindings so they can read what the title is or is it more about digging through to find the gold?

  2. you need to try the recipes...,without any of the low fat junk we have to read about today. No I do not use low fat. If I'm going to enjoy the taste of anything it's not with an eye to calorie