Sunday, January 23, 2011

Portobello Road

This weekend, Eric and I took the tube to the Notting Hill Garden station and went to Portobello Market. Now, there is a song from a Disney movie about Portobello Road; however, I didn’t know that the place actually existed until I got here. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to go.

Eric is so good at taking pictures.
The place was packed. There were so many different food vendors, antique shops, music stands, anything and everything a chap can unload. We didn’t want to spend too much, but I got these beautiful earrings and a great ring.
Originally £10 each, I haggled them down to £17.

At the end of the road was The Sonic Manipulator. We did not get any pictures, but we did get some video which will be posted sometime tomorrow (slow internet connection) is posted below. The video speaks for itself, but this was the best street performer I have ever seen. I put a pound in his money pot and he sang in his space voice, “Nice boots.” I laughed and went to go get the video camera. The funniest part was that a little boy was dressed in an astronaut outfit and was absolutely amazed by The Sonic Manipulator.

We ate some German bratwurst for lunch, and had some cupcakes for dessert from Hummingbird Bakery. Not the best cupcakes I have ever had, but decent. Next time I am going to try one of the fantastic looking waffles with nutella and strawberries. Eric says we are going back soon because he saw this paella just as we were leaving.


  1. I think I have finally found the love of my life. So how old do you think he might be? 42? It could work...sorry Mark. I love you, but can you do that???

    Jaime. Thank you for that little bit of verse in there. I guess nobody really knows how to spell, "You'll find at the barrow at Portabello Road." Did you chance to see any young ladies dancing with Navy-men? I sure hope so.

    Oh, and: Super Cute earrings & ring.

  2. You are so hot Jaime! Even if it does rain alot and there's no super target, it's pretty amazing all the things you get to see. And the cute jewelry you get to take home. I might have to send you some mula for a couple UK treats.