Friday, January 21, 2011

Unexpected Bagpipes

I went to Borough Market again yesterday, just to see what it was like when it wasn't Saturday morning. It was not as crazy; however, there weren't as many vendors there either. Still really great stuff though. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera because it's huge and heavy.

So, right as I was walking in to the market, I hear bagpipes. "Huh, that's neat," I thought. But then the bagpipes start to get louder and as I am standing behind a huge pole, one bagpipe player, two bagpipe players, a snare drummer, and another bagpipe player walk around the pole (and me) and continue walking through the market.

Then later when I went to a different part of the market, the same group was still playing, but this time, there were 6 Scottish dancers doing a jig! Whoa! It was pretty awesome, but I asked around and that's not a usual occurrence - lucky me. I watched it for about five minutes then went to find lunch.

Last night Eric asked me what my favorite food is (he's thinking of going vegetarian for February and wants me to join him...psh, no); after thinking about it, I decided it was a tie between pasta and burgers. That being said, after the bagpipe players I went to find lunch. I found The Fresh Pasta Company. They were having a Thursday lunch special were they made you 8 or 9 Butternut Squash and Sage Ravioli sauteed in herb butter and topped with fresh grated Parmesan and a bison (?) bolognese sauce. Yeah, amazing, and all for only £3.

After all that fun, I took Eric's guitar to his office for an open mic night with the Lantern Society that was going on later. I was going to take the bus because I didn't want to lug his heavy guitar a mile up the street. I found the bus number I needed to take and went outside to catch the bus. I could have sworn that the bus stop was closer; but the bus passed me up and I ran to try to catch it at the next stop but barely missed it again, and so then I finally caught it at the third stop (which was about 1/2 way there anyway). I'll get this public transport thing down eventually.


  1. next time, if you're lugging a heavy guitar case, you can just wait for the next bus at the first stop. at that hour, they come by every 5 minutes. maybe even sooner.

  2. I am thinking Jaime, you would not be the "American Girl in London" if you didn't run after a bus at least once, and experience bagpipers just march around you. It makes me laugh when I think of your fun adventures in all your innocence. Keep it up girlfriend! Who needs a camera when you paint such a vivid picture in my mind.