Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outside St. Paul's Cathedral

On this lovely rainy Thursday, I took a walk to St. Paul's Cathedral. I had absolutely no idea how huge it was! I was just walking along, following my directions and BAM - there is is.
A view of the back of the Cathedral from the East.
Closer view
A really awesome side door. I love the detail.


West entrance.

The cathedral was originally built back in the 7th century, but was burned down and pillaged a few times until 1666 when a huge fire went through London. Christopher Wren rebuilt it beginning in 1675, and finally completed it in 1703 making it the great St. John's Cathedral as we know it today.

This is a lesser known fact, but somewhere around St. Paul's, there is a wormhole. I'll tell you how I know. As I was walking around the enormous building, I tried to keep track of the direction I was going because I wanted to head down to the Thames (South) after I was done seeing the cathedral. I head South and pass this weird bronze, blocky statue of a person; this is next to a map that I check to make sure I am going the right way.

So I am traveling South when after about 15 minutes of walking, I hit the street that Eric works on (which is definitely North). So, I walk down there for a minute and turn left again and, after a minute, pass by the same weird statue. Long story short, I obviously went through a wormhole that switched me North; did way more walking that I was expecting to do today; went to Borough Market, got a meat pie and some Burnt Sugar snacks; and took the Tube home.


  1. They say that Wormholes are saved for only the Coolest Tourist in London. Wow Pow you are so lucky!
    And then to end with a yummy meat pie and burnt sugar snack ... ahhhh
    You make life good

  2. Burnt sugar snack... The after taste of that sounds about as amazing to me as a teal snakeskin mini skired forty-eight-year-old woman listening to a rad disc playing on her disc-man through some seriously large, foamy headphones. Did I mention she's wearing a hoodie and a denim jacket/vest. And ants under the miniskirt with chunky sandals? Yikes!

    No but seriously, is burnt sugar tasty?

  3. did you get any pictures of the inside?