Friday, January 7, 2011

The Flat

Here I am. My third day in London and I have decided to make a blog for anyone wishing to know what there is to do for an American in London with a lot of free time and an oyster card.

Courtesy of Eric's company, we are living in a sweet (albeit noisy) flat in Shoreditch. Here is the tour: First, we walk through the secure entrance (don't worry grandmothers) up the stairs or up the elevator where we come out here:

When you walk in, to the left, there is the living room with the exciting view of the city our our windows.
The couch
The kitchen and breakfast bar where we eat most of our meals. (I will be blogging everything from that seat on the left.) Right under the counter, is the freezer. On the other side of the counter is the fridge, which is obviously tiny. The kitchen is fairly nice, but I am going to have to learn what 350 degrees Fahrenheit is in Celsius.
Down that hall is the guest bedroom...

With the bathroom connected.

Our bedroom.
And finally, our night time view from the window (more pictures in the light to come).

Eric and I are going out to eat tonight, and heading out to Borough Market (not open all week, but supposedly awesome) tomorrow. More on how to cope without the American conveniences later.


  1. Hey cool! So... What's an oyster card?

  2. An Oyster Card is like a metro card in NY.

  3. That IS a nice flat! Can we come see you March 30-ish? And stay for 6 days? Thought I should ask before I book plane tickets. :-)

  4. So Cool. Love the pictures and your thoughts. I will be looking forward to reading your many adventures

  5. Hi Jaime! I am Anna, your cousin by marriage. Nice to quasi-meet you. What's up?

    I am excited to read this blog about your London adventures. Mostly I am jealous. Please tell Eric that if he wants to get his company to hire an uber-talented copywriter to live in London for a year and have his wife and four kids tag along, that I can find him such a candidate. ;)

    I will be hanging on until your next update so I can get to know you even better!

  6. I was thinking about you this morning! It looks like a really nice apartment. I'm excited to see what you blog next. Annie and I played in the park yesterday and she had lots of fun. I also got a Tuesday off work early for R.S. -they want me to talk about yoga, etc. Just FYI.

  7. I was going to ask what an Oyster Card was until I saw your answer to Mark. So happy you have a blog for me to see.

    take F, subtract 30, divide that in half and that's near to the C.

  8. That's pretty awesome! I'm glad that Eric shared you had this blog about London. So fun to see what you guys are doing there! :)