Monday, January 17, 2011

Natural History Museum and Leicester Square

For this weekend's adventure, Eric and I wanted to go to the Natural History Museum. Like most of the museums in London, it was free (awesome), unless we wanted to see any of the temporary exhibits there, which we did want to. The special exhibit was Wildlife Photography, which would have been amazing to see, but since it was £9 each to get in, we just looked at the photos in a coffee table book that was for sale in the adjacent gift shop.

The museum explores all aspects of natural history including the ecosystem, birds, insects, and DINOSAURS! For those of you who don't know, I am a huge fan of dinosaurs. I don't know why, but I love them. I have dinosaur books and stuffed animals - they are adorable when they're tiny, furry, and don't have real teeth. Anyway, this was an awesome museum that I would recommend going to, but maybe not on a weekend - it was a bit busy.

West entrance.
Harpy Eagle from the bird room.
This guy looks more friendly, probably because he doesn't have teeth.

This one is not so friendly.

Pilosaur. His swimming fingers are longer than my arm.

After the museum Eric and I were going to go to the movies but then after doing the math, it would have cost about $15.75 each to see a movie, and that was a bit much. We ended up going to Leicester (pronounced more like "Lester") Square and found a cheaper theater, but with nothing we wanted to see, but made a note to go back on Jan 31 for a double feature of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Rain Man. (Seeing Ferris on the big screen will be a major milestone for Eric). Luckily it was right in the middle of Chinatown, London.
Eric eating a pork bun. He was really truly happy. He said China Town smelled like his Dad, we laughed.

Ok, I found this place near the tube station called Patisserie Valerie, let me just say that it was amazing. You could sit down and eat there, but they also had these amazing cakes and pastries and ice cream. I got a piece of this Black Forest Cake, and if I didn't get sick Saturday night, it would have been gone before Sunday.
Well, today is another rainy Monday, so I will probably go do some laundry. Don't use the ultra-hot driers in London for more than 5 minutes, your clothes will shrink.


  1. Oh Man! so did Eric help you eat it?
    Regarding that swimming dino, I'm glad that my fish-sister decided to pose for this photo. Happy healing, Jew.

  2. Dang Ferris on the big screen.... possibly a once in a life time opportunity... Unless you happen to be over the age of 40 (then you had lots of opportunities back in the day). They museum looks awesome, and ancient. I like it.