Tuesday, January 11, 2011

British Museum Part 1

My trip today took me a block away from where I was yesterday, but I still had to walk all the way there, again. After an hour of walking to the British Museum, three hours walking around (and not even seeing everything there is to see), then another hour walking home, I'm beat. Luckily pictures are worth 1,000 words and I took a lot. 

Outside the British Museum

 A giant foot, originally part of a bigger (much bigger) statue.

 Aztec mask made from a human skull and turquoise.

African tree sculpture.
Close up. This whole sculpture was made of recycled guns. In an effort to lower crime, there was (and perhaps still is) a program were people in Africa can turn in their guns in exchange for useful tools.

 This was a piece of a bigger mosaic that was found buried in a field in Dorset - thought to be the earliest known image of Christ.

Front of the Lycian Temple dated around the 4th century BC. 

 From a building in Assyria around 870 BC.

Forgot where this was from but they found him buried like this with his possessions.

17 foot tall totem pole.

The whole day was free, so I'm sure Eric and I will go back sometime. 


  1. great pix. your mom sent me 'here', to find you. I got to thinking about that man buried with his stuff. Wonder if he died in that position and they allowed him to remain that way. But it's how I curl up when I am in need of comfort.

  2. Awesome museum. I've always wanted to have a house full of authentic historical artifacs... that I've stolen from tombs or muesums. Don't tell Indiana, he wouldn't like it.

  3. I noticed the birds out front, which leads me to ask you "feed the birds." and is it really "topins a bayg"?