Friday, January 14, 2011

Angry Face Waxing...I mean Threading

This post is for any previous roommates I've had, including my sister. 

WARNING: Do not ever get your eyebrows threaded.  Per my last post, I was in need of an eyebrow and Mr. Musty waxing. Just down the street from me, there is a salon called 3Thirty and they wax for not too pricey (by London standards).

Back home in Colorado, there is a threading kiosk in the mall and I always see people getting their eyebrows done. It never looked too painful, people actually looked sort of peaceful - complete deception! It's just like getting tweezed except they pull out 3 hairs at a time. Not cool.

Needless to say, when it was Mr. Musty's turn, I opted in for waxing. For those of you who miss it (or just don't know what it is) here is the freshly waxed angry face.

Angry Face
Pirate Angry Face, but nice eyebrows, huh?


  1. This message is from dad: what is a Mr Musty? ... Is that a new British term... dad said he never learned that when he was there."

  2. It is my goal to write a comment on every one of your blogs. I want to claim that I entered the above text, ok? good. btw: tell her to take off the upper triangles (with wax) next time. go for round-ness