Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday Night in Shoreditch

After walking all day yesterday, Eric and I crashed on our couch and watched some West Wing on my computer. We had a couple of interruptions that caused us to go to our window and see what was going on.

During the first interruption, we heard a girl screaming like a chimpanzee, and when we got to the window we saw two drunk men who were rolling around on the ground after "taking it outside" Trafik, a bar across the street.

A few minutes later we looked out and saw a very loud chubby girl in front of another pub, yelling at whom I believe was her friend's boyfriend. She was making a complete idiot of herself, and I really felt sorry for her.

I guess something better than reality TV is just another benefit of living in the heart of London.


  1. this reminds me of living across the street from the liquor store in longmont. I bet it's funnier in old english though. Very funny!