Thursday, February 24, 2011

National Portrait Gallery

Some days I enjoy being lazy. This is the first time I haven't had a job since I was 16. I don't really have friends do to activities with. The only responsibilities I have are to make myself and Eric happy, and make sure everything is going okay back home.

I see myself having two options: go into a slump of sitting at home all day every day and continue to be lazy, or just go out and explore (perhaps occasionally indulging in retail therapy). I choose the latter.

Eric took off on a business trip yesterday and so I took off to the that National Portrait Gallery. You can't take pictures inside, so I got a picture of the outside. It was huge and full of paintings of the landscape from all around Europe, lots of pictures of stories from the Bible, and even more pictures of royalty.

After being to many history museums, I have discovered that if I lived more than 250 years ago, I would like to be royalty. I would have pictures of myself, I would get to bath more often, and I wouldn't be a poor peasant.
The front of the National Portrait Gallery from Trafalgar Square

Last night I made a delicious dinner of roasted zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, and garlic over a bed of brown rice with lemon and cheese. All this was topped with chicken satay (ordered from Busabas down the street) and coconut milk. I am definitely making this again when Eric is not a vegetarian anymore.

Today was sunny, so I put on my flip flops, (got strange looks,) went in the sunshine to read a book, and got waxed - so much better than getting threaded.


  1. Jaime, I'll be your friend!
    and would love to go to the museum with you.

  2. Yay! you got meat. Flip Flops in February, though? how warm was it?

    If we lived 250 years ago, I'd hope we were at least nobles as well. Daddy could be...a baron(et?). Yeah. That would be fine.