Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Happy Tuesday

Today was a very nice day. This morning, after sleeping in, had some delicious honey yogurt for breakfast, and I did a fantastic ab workout. This was followed by watching Glee and then eating a small but nutritious lunch before grabbing a book and heading out to the River Thames to catch some serious rays.

On my way there, I stopped by Ben's Cookies and got a dark chocolate ginger cookie - aka Party in my Mouth*. I picked up some sparkling lemonade at Boots, and went to find a nice area to sit. I found a place just east of the London Bridge with some chairs, benches and even a spot of grass. Being able to read in a nice area flooded by the sun kind of makes up for all the gloomy days. Perhaps I will go back there again soon, she said as she hoped and prayed for more sunny days to come this week.

*Note: I often find myself grabbing a cookie, doughnut or crossant and really don't feel any guilt. Why you ask? Today I walked 3 miles, yesterday I walked 6 or so. A very light and lazy day is walking only about mile to the grocery store. Hello skinny jeans!


  1. That is great that you don't feel guilty. I don't think I would either!

  2. Ginger and Chocolate! that does sound awesome. I'm not particular to the after taste of chocolate, so ginger would be a nice addition.

    What with the 12 plus inches of snow on the ground here, a spot of grass seems unbelievably wonderful. Luckyyy.

  3. glad one of us is seeing the sun. this post makes me happy.