Thursday, February 3, 2011

St. James's Park

St. James's Park was absolutely beautiful. It is great for a few reasons. 1) For the same reason all parks in London are lovely: year round greenery, 2) It is surrounded by the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, 3) Many ceremonial parades and royal activities happen here. 

Palace through the Park
Buckingham Palace
Me in front of the Palace
Royal Guard. I felt really bad for the horse - he didn't want to stand there. Note the sign.
Apparently the bird keeper of the park. My friend Amy and I walked up and this guy was feeding fish to the Pelicans. That's the Bird keeper's house built in the early 1800's.
My friend the Pelican standing next to the pond.
We also walked past Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and lots of other things that I wasn't sure what they were. Mostly I didn't know what they were because I went through another wormhole. I really need a compass. I just mapped it out, and I walked about 10 miles yesterday. Needless to say, my leg hurts today.


  1. Jaime, YOU are such an adventurer! Still able to walk through worm holes. Wow Pow. You look so adorable.
    Be seeing you soon! wooo hooo !!! Can't wait to walk my legs off with you.

  2. gorgeous.

    I want the jacket that the bird keeper is wearing. Great blue!

    This is absolutely fairytale-like!

  3. You're outfit is so cute!

    What a cool expreience to be able to just walk around and see all these things. Does that horse really just have to stand there while that guy sits on him? "That's bull!"

    Anna's right: super fairy-tale-like. So awesome.

  4. So fun to see your pictures Jaime. Looks like you two are doing what two fun people do...having a blast. Aunt Kristy and I visited London last year and your pic's bring back fun memories. Keep on makin' the most of your time "across the pond". Love you two! Brad and Kristy (I don't have a Facebook account..Mark Z. is rich enough without me...but I do hi-jack Aunt Kristy's occasionally)