Monday, February 21, 2011


Despite the rain, Eric and I went to Greenwich (where the Prime Meridian line is, as in the center of the world, 0° longitude). It was surprisingly lovely. We stumbled upon Greenwich Market, which featured a few absolutely delicious food stands and high quality goods. I had one of the best cupcakes I have ever had from the Real Baking Company. I saw these skirts that I am in love with - they were £45, so I will have to do some saving up, but I will get one and I will blog about it.

We took a thorough walk through the National Maritime Museum, which informs about anything and everything having to do with the ocean: development of boats, sea explorers and migrations from all kinds of places and history, and exploration of the under the surface. Neptune was even there - seriously. Some guy dressed all in aqua with an aqua beard and long aqua colored hair was going around the museum and teaching children about life under and above the sea.
hardcore scuba gear.
Exploratory submarine.
 Behind the Museum, was the Royal Observatory of Greenwich. From the picture, you will note the acres of Greenwich Park surrounding the observatory on the top of the hill. It is always so nice to walk in a park with Eric. He is completely in his element when he is out in nature. He and Annie (my dog) are so much alike. The walk was nice and the observatory was good.
In front of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich
Due North on the Prime Meridian

Eric is in two hemispheres at once.
Royal Observatory - I love the architecture in London.

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  1. Seriously cool, Jew. That yellow monstrous scuba suit made me NOT want to be a scuba diver. hey: let's hear it for progress.

    I want to know what kind of cupcake you enjoyed.