Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Camden Market

This weekend was one of those cold weekends that we've heard people talk about when referring to the weather in London. After walking around Camden Market for about an hour, I couldn't feel my toes anymore. It may be for this reason that I am not going to go back to Camden Market - ever. Or maybe it's becasue I found nothing that interested me, and I found the people quite creepy.

We didn't get any pictures - I didn't want pictures of Tattoo and piercing parlors.

I can see how people would like it there if...

You like free samples of Chinese chicken; you like cheap t-shirts; you want a piercing anywhere on your body; you want to do funky shopping, you want to see some punk, gothic British teens; or if you really enjoy crowds. 

It wasn't all bad though - I had my first crepe in London that was very tasty. It was cheese, fish, and spinach, and the lady added cream. I also had some organic, homemade hot chocolate - it was orange and cardamom flavored.

I like hot chocolate. The amount of hot chocolate I have had in London is one of my favorite parts about being here. Just to gauge that, I like hot chocolate and dinosaurs about the same - a lot.

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  1. Have I told you about my from-scratch hot chocolate recipe? I added candy canes for Christmas. very fun.

    Sincerely, Jaime, how'd you like FISH in a crepe? comparable to nutella? :)