Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I like: London - Episode 1. Also Something Sick!

There are plenty of things to complain about here in London: I miss my dog, it's mostly cloudy every day, the people don't really speak English here (or is it the other way around?), I've been constantly sick since I got here (see picture below for latest sickness), I miss my friends, I miss open space and my dog.
Awww. How do I not miss that?

But who I am to complain - I have a 4 month, accommodations paid, holiday in London. As I am bound to have some days where I go about doing nothing that is worth blogging about, I will be starting a segment I choose to call "Things I like: London."

Thing I like #1 - Honeycomb candies from Burnt Sugar
I have talked about these before - the Burnt Sugar candy from Borough Market. These babies are delicious candy honeycomb covered in chocolate. I've gone back quite a few times just for these. Luckily the candy from the Burnt Sugar stand is priced by weight and their heavy fudge is not good. The honeycomb candies are sweet airy pieces of heaven that snap off when you bite into them like a two month old Peep (right, Deb?). Since they are so light, it doesn't cost a lot for a delicious piece of chocolaty heaven in your mouth.

I believe the smaller ones are better because they have more chocolate on them.
Borough Market is open tomorrow, actually...

Here is the canker sore picture I promised:
I made this small just in case you didn't want to see - click to make it bigger. Sick, right?


  1. Remember when our cheeks would get raw from our braces and Dr Hyer gave us wax to cover those non-brackets? Good times. I wish your tongue z beautiful recovery.

  2. Mmmm 2 month old peeps, I want some of that burnt sugar candy!