Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This past weekend was the best, and most relaxing weekend we have had in England thus far. I have some family friends that live near Bath in Somerset. We had a weekend full of adventures and Eric took about 100 pictures, so I will let the pictures do the talking.

Bath Abbey
Abbey from the back.
The city right before the torrential downpour.
Me and Wendy at the Royal Crescent.
Roam Baths c. 70 AD

The main bath
The water comes from a natural hot spring under ground.
Julius Caesar and Friends.

Overflow water from the baths. This is the original Roman stonework.
Look what this weather does to my hair!
Hot! The water was pretty warm, too.
A real Roman was there. That sign means "Hello!"

The River Avon and the Weir.

Pulteney Bridge - One of the only bridges in the world with shops on both sides.
Back of the Abbey - taken near the Weir.

Bob, Wendy, and Jaime on the River Avon. Bob is trying to hide.


  1. Wendy just looks elegant: her facial features really exude this peaceful happiness. I wish I could have been there with you.

    Oh--and I want to see a picture of your new purse. :D

  2. How often do you read about Londoners vacationing in Bath?! I've always wondered what it was, but never bothered looking it up.

    Et voila! Thank you. Looks absolutely lovely.

  3. Love the pictures! As an English major (with a German minor), I'm so jealous of all of your fun adventures in England. Thanks for showing us where you go. :) It's second best to me actually being there.

    P.S. Another such bridge (with shops on both sides) is located in Florence, Italy.

  4. ahhhh to experience the peace and beauty of Somerset with Bob and Wendy.