Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jaime in Paris - Day 1

Eric had some business in Paris on Tuesday. We figured that since his ticket was paid for, we would just get a ticket for me and make a mini vacation out of it.

We stayed in a hotel right off the Champs-Elysees - we were surrounded by good food and good shopping. We were just down the street from this: 

The Arc de Triomphe.
A lovely view as I was crossing the Pont do la Concorde Bridge.
The Musee d'Orsay. I absolutely loved it here! It was a beautiful art museum. My favorites were paintings by Matisse and Henri Edmond Cross that looked like mosaics. My very favorite was a paining by Georges Lemmen called Beach at Heist (Sunset on the beach). Unfortunately no pictures were allowed to be taken inside.
It was such a nice day. This picture reminded my of a park near where we live in Colorado (there was some serious frisbee playing going on). It was sunny all day Tuesday - I actually think my face got a little sunburnt.
View from a bridge.
Tour Eiffel
Every hour at night, the Eiffel Tower looks like it has twinkle lights all over it, but it is difficult to capture that in a picture since not all the lights twinkle at once.
"The City of Love"
 It was wonderful. I ate more delicious bread than I should probably eat in two weeks. I had my first experience with macaroons - yumm-o! We ate lots of crepes and pizza from restaurants on side streets (which in my opinion is the way to eat cheap and delicious in any city).

Stay tuned for Jaime in Paris - Day 2.


  1. oh crepes from a cart--I still dream about those.

    So lovely. What a great adventure

  2. so do we call this blog jaime in paris now? what a great adventure. a friend in the ward brought Robert some of those macaroons since Robert is such a francophile. I have the recipe...just not the nerve to try my hand at them. Be sure to eat Pain au Chocolat for Robert while you are there..or if you go back....Susan, friend to your mom and MollyDolly