Friday, March 4, 2011

Spitalfield Market

I can't believe it is already Friday! I have been keeping pretty bust this week and it has been great. I went to Spitalfield market, which is fairly close to my house. I absolutely loved the shops there - much like Anthropologie. Yeah, except yesterday was "antique show day," and I mostly just saw people selling junk and it smelled like old people. But aside from the antique show part, it was awesome.

This Monday marked the end of Eric's Vegetarian February, so we went to Nando's. Super tasty chicken with super tasting sides and the best part - FREE REFILLS! Just a warning for those who are planning on visiting England, there is no such thing as free refills on sodas. Needless to say, when I saw "Bottomless Diet Coke" on the menu, I hit that up.

Eric gave me this article to read from Backpacker magazine. It was all about "Fatpacking" - basically how hiking is the exact right balance of exertion to exercise that will help you burn optimal calories. It has inspired me to walk faster, longer, and harder than I have been, to quit taking the tube or the bus so often.

It's good that the weeks are going by quickly, it means that I'll be back in Boulder soon where I can take real hikes. But next week, we're going to Paris then Edinburgh, Scotland. So for now, I'm really glad I'm here.


  1. Man! You are so full of adventures, Jaime. How fun. I hope you got the "old" smell out of your nose quick enough.

  2. Jaime, you crack me up... old people don't smell ... Their noses are all stuffed up!