Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jaime in Edinburgh

This weekend Eric and I went to Edinburgh for a mini vacation. I absolutely loved it! The architecture was magnificent, the people were very friendly, and the mountains and hills reminded me a lot of home. The weather wasn't very pleasant, but everything else was.
Taken from the Edinburgh Castle - rainy day.
Eric from (almost) the top of The Scott Monument.
287 narrow steps to the top.
Me from (almost) the top of The Scott Monument.
Edinburgh Castle.
NE Edinburgh.
Holyrood Park in the background, or as Eric and I named it "The Great Wall." Don't you love the buildings?
Edinburgh Castle.
Edinburgh Castle, again.
Edinburgh to the South.
Another picture of "The Great Wall"
John Knox was buried under that yellow box. Back in the 16th century, Knox was considered the founder of the Presbyterian denomination in Scotland. His wish to be buried near the church (just behind where the picture was taken), was kept. He also wasn't very well liked, which is why he remained there after the area was not longer a burial ground.
The oldest building in Scotland.
On top of the building are the two symbols for Scotland and France, symbolizing an ancient treaty to help each other when Britain attacked either one.
Edinburgh Castle from the back.
Bobby dog.
Bobby was the dog of a night guard for the Grayfriars graveyard. After His owner had him only 2 years, the man died of TB, and was buried there. The dog came back to the man's grave every day for the next 10 years until Bobby died. He is now the most loved and photographed dog in Europe.
Forsyth - like our last name. I actually ordered an ancient Forsyth tartan scarf that I will be getting in a few weeks. I'm excited.
Charming Victoria Street in the middle of Edinburgh.
We ate at this delicious place called Monster Mash. I had a sausage and about a pound+ of mashed potatoes and gravy. Eric had haggis, tatties & neeps (haggis, turnips, mash). For those of you who don't know how to make haggis, you take a sheep's stomach, grind up its liver, heart, and lungs, oats, and herbs, and stick them in the stomach. Boil it. Eat it. I tried it, and it was okay. I don't need to ever have it again. But I will need to go back to Edinburgh again.


  1. Did you run into Gerrard Butler? :D
    I want to go back with you some time.

  2. This looks like it was a great trip! I love all of the pics! I want to go!