Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I like in London: Meat Pies

I have heard about meat pies. I watched Sweeney Todd and did not think that meat pies were a good idea, but since being in London I have tried my fair share, and I love them.

I got this chicken pie from a place right around the corner from us called "Food Hall." It always has really good food for pretty cheap. I also like to get my fresh bread and cheese there.
I concur.
The best pies are from a place in Borough Market at a stand called Pieminister.
So Yummy looking. I really like them from this place because the pies aren't just filled with meat; they are more like chicken pot pies.

This one is called Mr. Porkey. It's filled with pork, bacon, and vegetables. I really love the creamy sauce they mix it all together with.
Typically, pie is my least favorite dessert. I feel like pie crust is not sweet, nor does it belong with fruit. But after having so many delicious meat pies in England, I have some great motivation for learning to make pie crust.


  1. Amen, Christine! Hey--Mom makes a great one in her cuisinart. Mam makes a good one in her old plastic bowl.

  2. Looks good! I know this is the wrong post, but Edinburgh looks awesome! Paris, too-but that's a given. I love catching up on your blog!

  3. Keep calm and eat more pies. Such a wonderfully British sentiment. I'm trying to keep calm but I'm so excited to come SEE YOU!

  4. besides the meat pie, have you eaten a pasty? My grandma was British (Cornwall, to be exact) and she taught us how to make them. Make them still. And my own birthday dinner is always English Beef Pie...a bit different looking than your pictures, but the insides look the same.