Friday, March 4, 2011

Somerset: Glastonbury and Wells

Now for the rest of last weekend:

Bob and Wendy's home. Soo lovely.
Somerset fields.
Lambs on the road.
How adorable is this lamb? It liked Eric.
Glastonbury Tor - it has been a holy site for a long time, and is the site of past churches.
That is a compass pointing which way and how far different towns are.
Jaime and Eric by the Tor.
We went to the Glastonbury Abbey which is traditionally the earliest Christian sanctuary in Britain. Legend says Joseph of Arimathea brought Jesus to this site and built an old wattle and daub church. Then this large stone church was built it it's location around 600AD and burnt down in 1184. Hundreds of years of cilivilation lived on and around it until it was escavated later and presereved as historical ruins you can explore today.

Glastonbury Abbey ruins.

The Abbey from the high altar - Both of these sections were part of the Abbey. If this same photo were taken in 1183, you'd see pews and a roof and windows, etc. etc.
Jaime and Bob in front of the high altar in King Edgar's Chapel.
Supposedly the burial place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.
This is the Wells Cathedral. It was huge, absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't believe the amazing detail that must have gone into the planning and creating the architecture.
Wells Cathedral built around 705 A.D.
Vicars' Close - the only completely medieval street in England - has a bridge that connects to the Cathedral.
The outside clock opposite Vicars’ Hall, placed there just over seventy years after is connected with the inside mechanism (below).
The original works were made about 1390 and the clock face is the oldest surviving original of its kind anywhere.When the clock strikes every quarter, jousting knights rush round above the clock.
Beautiful end to a beautiful weekend.


  1. ohhhhhhhhhh love the little lamb! so so so CUTE.
    Amazing sites ... So cool you experienced Somerset.

  2. What a beautiful area! So amazing! Also, your jacket is stinking adorable!!!

  3. If anyone had any reservations keeping them from absolutely falling in love England, I'm thinking that I weekend like what you had would absolutely dissolve them. And yes: that is the cutest little lamb EVER! I'm sure of it.

  4. these pictures are awesome. i'm so glad you guys have time to go see everything...and take then i can see everything:)

    that lamb looked like a muppet.

    and jaime, i'm sorry they give you weird looks for flip-flops, but your boots look fantastic.

  5. It looks like that lamb is smiling its kinda freaking me out. I want to come out there and go ghost hunting >:-)