Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom and Dad in England

A month after the fact...

My parents came to visit around the middle through the end of April. I left a day after they did, and so I have procrastinated blogging and instead have been getting settled back home. We just had a blast together. I took them to see all the sights, went to tons of markets, and ate some good food.
Jaime and Mom on Ironmonger's Row (Church History Site)
A memorial to The William Wallace - and I don't mean Mel Gibson. This (Smithfield Meat Market) is where he was killed and quartered.
a church/courtyard in Smithfield Market
That speck down there in the blue coat and hat is Eric walking back to work. The archway is actually where the meat market part is, and Eric's office is right on the other side.
This is the store Liberty of London near all the big shopping on Oxford Street and Regent Street. I can't believe how old the buildings are. We (meaning the girls, not so much dad) loved the shopping.
This hidden gem "Panache" is the best candy store in all of London. It's right around the corner from Harrods.
Candid Photo! I love the Macaroons there. I went there the day I was leaving and got a whole bunch to take home.
London's version of the Arc d'Triumph, on the SW corner of Hyde Park.
Like the Changing of the Guard but with no band and about 75 less guards.
Jaime and Dad looking at Buckingham Palace
Mom and Dad in front of The Palace...awww.
Good photo Dad! My Mom and I just laughed the whole time we were together.
Look at the perfectly manicured grass. We were thinking about running across it.
Buckingham Palace and the nice grass.
St. James' Park.
Mom and Jaime at the Park
What a garden!
Black Swan at St. James' Park
Back shot.
We walked everywhere that day and HAD to sit down. This was our view right outside Inn The Park.
Also our view - the London Eye.
He looks so angry and uncomfortable.
I do not even know what the building is.
Big Ben
This pretty much sums up London: A double decker bus, Big Ben, Parliament, The London Eye, and Westminster behind us.
We made dad pose for a picture.
Mom and Dad in from of Westminster Abby.
Back Shot!
A side note to Mom and Dad: Just because it took me a month to post this, it doesn't mean I love you less.


  1. Ja'ime ... We had sooooooooooooooooo much FUN with you and Eric! Thank you for showing us the same sites that were just exactly what was on TV the day after we arrived back home ..during the Royal Wedding. We saw the tulips which had to be dead-headed right before the wedding because they finished. (see photo above). We loved walking at least 10 miles a day, then resorting to the double-deckers (top seats in the front) and the underground rails. The weather was perfect, the food was AMAZING (wayyyyy better than 30 years ago) and you knew just where to take us. We also loved going to your favorite "Borough Market" all the time. And I didn't realize that Harrods was just around the corner from your favorite pastry shop. ... btw for everyone to know, the pastry shop manager and the guy who sells the choc covered honeycomb at the open air market knew Jaime very well and were very sad to learn she was going back to the states. And I am very sad to leave those YUMMY grilled cheese sandwiches too! So, James... thanks for sharing so much fun. I love "hangin' out with you".

  2. Interesting that where a man was once killed there is now a meat market...