Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easter in Somerset

Mom and Dad were also in England over Easter Weekend, so we took a trip to Somerset to see Bob and Wendy again. The pictures are in a strange order, so I will just write about each one.

In the back, you can see the Wells Cathedral. This is just a park that we walked around.
Here is Eric checking out the fish? This mote is around the Bishop's quarters.
Mini door by the Bishop's. People definitely used to be a lot shorter.
Beautiful day, brick walls, lots of green. It has been raining all day today back in Boulder :( sad face.
Mom and Dad outside Bob and Wendy's.
Jaime and Mom enjoying the sunshine.
We had a BBQ - a rare thing for the Brits.
Easter Egg hunt. (I was excited, could you tell?)
Moss dog was on a stick hunt.
Bob and Moss...aww.
I think I may be pointing at some candy?
Oh, yep. What a nice Easter Bunny.
Millennium Field (where the Easter Bunny left treats).
Wendy, Bob, Moss.
Eric and Jaime.
Eric, Jaime, Mom, Dad.
We had sooo much fun with you guys! Thanks for such an excellent few weeks!


  1. Sooooooooooo much fun is right !!! What a great Easter. To spend it in Somerset, with the beautiful, amazing Wells Cathedral right there. It was a reverent morning walking around the village. Thankful we were able to spend it with some of our family and great friends.

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