Monday, April 11, 2011

Liz and Ian in London

So so busy busy.

All the way back in last week, Eric's mom and brother came to visit. We did everything: hit most all of my favorite spots, and quite a few new things I hadn't experienced before. We went to Borough Market, Leadenhall Market, the Tate Modern, stopped by St. Paul's, Hyde Park, The Orangery, Harrods Food Court, Abbey Road, Liberty of London, The British Museum, and this is all before our bus tour on Monday.

New to me in London: The Orangery.
I had heard about this from my lovely cousin Macy (thank you). This place is right by the Kensington Palace on the West side of Hyde Park. Probably the best place in London if you want to have the "High Tea" experience. Super tasty.

Harrod's Food Court.
A few weeks ago, I went into Harrods. It's probably 4 times the size of the Macy's in San Francisco. Once I was on the bottom floor, it literally took me 5 minutes to find a door out. I didn't see the food court last time I went in, but I did this time, and it was amazing.

Liberty of London.
This store was right off Regent's street, around the Oxford street fancy shopping district. They have everything from clothes to furniture, housewares to fabrics. I guess Target carried some of their clothes last year. Everything there was pretty expensive, but if I won money that had to be used towards shopping for myself, I would outfit myself and my house with things from here. 

Abbey Road.
Abbey Road Studios, Ian signed the wall, pretty area of town, we walked across "The Crosswalk".

The highlight of Liz and Ian's visit was our bus tour on Monday. We went to Oxford, Stratford on Avon, and Warwick Castle.

I believe this was taken in Stratford, home of William Shakespeare. It was a great little old town. Liz did some quick shopping and got a beautiful jacket. I went into this milkshake place called Moo Moo's. They had probably more than 100 flavors, but I didn't really get a chance to look at all of them (we had about 5 minutes until we had to be back on the bus), so I got an Oreo shake - so smooth and creamy.
Warwick Castlle. This place was really great. There was tons of history, through it was very amusement park-esque.
This is a view from the back of the castle. I can see why someone would want to build their castle here.
And here is Ian as a gargoyle.

The whole weekend was awesome. I am so glad that we got to show Liz and Ian such a fun time, but now we just miss them.


  1. Yay! Loved this post. and... Booo Hooo! We miss you, TOO!

  2. My dearest Jamie! oh how I wish I could come visit you! We went to all three of these places too and they were so much fun. Glad you got to try a Moo Moo's. Best Shakes EVER!! And dont worry... I gained 20+ pounds from living there for four months... lost it all when I got home so eat up, cause I promise you that you will miss the food when your back in the states! Eat a triple chocolate Ben's for me :):):) love you!

  3. Jaime, you are awesome. And now you get to do it all again with Mom & Dad this week. I hope it's a blast. Come home soon so I can call you randomly, please (after you finish having fun, of course).

  4. Molly lives on Warwick...and we live on the corner...and always said our Warwick was named for the one in We have a picture to imagine.