Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jaime in Chiemsee and Salzburg (Part 2 of 3)

 After leaving Munich, we headed out to Salzburg, taking a pit stop at Chiemsee.

This is Chiemsee. It's the lake, not the town.
Though there is a town/island called Chiemsee in the middle of the lake.
He's so handsome.
Here I am, at the end of the pier.
Here I am standing in the water.
I'm not really standing in the water, just seeing if you're paying attention.
Lovely, lovely sunset.
This is the B&B (Haus Reichl) we stayed in while in Salzburg.
And here is the view..Love it! It was a really nice place, I would highly recommend it.

These next few are pictures of the Salt Fortress/castle in Salzburg that I will let Eric name later on.

"The Sound of Music starring Jaime as Maria the Marionette."
Inside the walls of the fortress.
From inside.
The castle courtyard.
Untersberg from the top of Festung Hohensalzburg.
It was a bit windy all the way up there.
Eating a pretzel and watching a giant game of chess. So nice. 
Where's Jaime?
This was right before we realized that our car got towed.
Festung Hohensalzburg in the morning before it turned into a beautiful amazing day.

After Salzburg, it was off to Hallstatt.

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  1. Ok: I had a lot of comments throughout this post. Ready?
    1.) It's like you're Jesus's sister or something!
    2.) I'm curious what the inside of the b&b looked like. I'm assuming European and all, that it was not spacious.
    3.)YOUR CAR GOT TOWED!? Yikes. That must have been easy to get back. Good thing Eric knows German.
    4.) I like the braid. Very sensible for a windy day.